Tuesday, January 31, 2012


FORCE ONE SEVEN & GoodMusicAllDay team up to bring you The Force Be With You on this fine winter day (or is it spring already? anyway...). ForceOneSeven's mixtape boasts features from artists such as Astonish, Kaye Fox, Machine Gun Kelly, Na Palm, E-Class Eppi, IanJ, Sly Polaroid, and Gon. Na'el Shehade (Force One Seven) blesses his first mixtape with his phenomenal production talents and it is topped off with the genius mastering of Alex Baez (aka Papi Beatz of GoodLife Studios).

(cover layout by Marie Ferrer at 16ThirtyOne)

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Thaaaaas riiiiiigh... it is officially National BDBusiness Day 2012. So we at GoodLife would like to say a few words to one of our fearless leaders (well really, I'm speaking on everyone's behalf so if I forget to say something, check me). B, once again, we'd like to thank you for gracing us with your talent and your presence in general. It is such a great pleasure to be working with an amazing individual such as yourself. You motivating words, positive vibe, your sense of humor, and your (almost daily) hugs are a huge part of what drives this team. With that said -- and you know I say this every year --


but that's not all, if you purchase two in the next 2 minutes...

here's a little surprise from all of us... we love you b!

excuse the poor cuts and the poor editing, you know you're the slideshow commander of the house.



Tuesday, January 24, 2012

[VIDEO] Astonish & IanJ : About Us

The homies at Force One Seven drops a video for the Astonish & IanJ joint, About Us...

"Chicago native Astonish, teams up with IanJ, to drop, About Us. The beat was produced by Na'el Shehade of Force One Seven and the video was shot and edited by Champagne Jelly. The download link will be released next Tuesday on the Force One Seven mix tape (Brought to you by GLMRecords x ForceOneSeven), which features exclusive songs from MGK, IanJ, Sly Poloroid, Kaye Fox, Na Palm, Astonish, and various other Chicago artists. We hope you enjoy and thanks for taking the time to watch the video."

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

[VIDEO] Jay Vega - "Body The Beat"

Check out the new sounds of Jay Vega as ADotRPhotography takes over the lenses.


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