Monday, January 31, 2011

NMM #005 Featuring Goonie J

I've been pressing this guy for weeks (4 to be exact) for a feature for NMM... then *POW* He slaps me with his take on Start It Up. "Some say I'm an artist.. the rest say I'm a god... either way you put it nigga creation's my fuckin job" His mixtape, Hip Hop Jr is due out soon, stay tuned.

Good Vocation feat. Kenlo Key : Magic

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Video Wednesday #004: National BDBusiness Day.

This week's Video Wednesday is dedicated the one and only... the emcee that spit the *poof* with the flambé... BDBusiness. B, we appreciate all that you contribute to Goodlife. Not just through your musical talent but also through your positive vibe and energy.
So to you, we'd like to send a big fat

Happy Muh'Fuckin Bday!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hip Hop Executive

If you haven't already checked it out/downloaded it/given it a listen. You need to ASAP. Waste Management from our very own BDBusiness. Download here.

Monday, January 24, 2011

New Music Monday #004 Ft. DJ Damnage

If there's anyone giving DJ's a run for their money, it's this kid right here. He is the official DJ for Goonie J and certainly a valuable member of the Goodlife Music Group. DJ Damnage has been doing his thing since he was 13 and at the young age of 16 he's already fuckin' up your relationships (I love that tag line). Damnage is currently the #6 DJ in Tampa Bay, Florida and need I repeat? He's 16. So all you DJ's need to step ya game up, f'real. Check out his new mixtape Dubsacks & Applejacks available for download at the link below. Hurry up and be 18 so you can come home to the Chi, bro.

DJ Damnage Presents: Dubsacks & Applejacks

(graphic done by SupahFresh for 16thirtyone.Com... jus' sayin. lol)

BROke : A Peer
Purchase his album on

U Dot Fam : No Problem

Omen : Forever

Nizm & Tim Jonz : Soul Step
(Read the full artice on this track at GWHH)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Behind The Scenes : Scheme

Behind the scene footage for Scheme's upcoming video Billion Dollar Dream. Shot by Roger Tino Morales (AyKidShots).

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Video Wed #003: Premier Sh*t

Mass Hysteria x Chicago x Sick graf piece? I love it.

New one from Talib. Can't wait for his album to drop. Gutter Rainbows. January 25th

Damn what time is it? Is it too early to spark? lol Wiz & Snoop - That Good

Friday, January 14, 2011

Immaculate Hip-Hop

It's not New Music Monday or Video Wednesday (I really gotta come up with better feature names) but I had to post this up. In a male dominated hip-hop industry, female artists that catch my eardrums are too few and far in between. I was first put on to this artist by a friend of mine and since then, I've been hooked. I believe he referred to it as "immaculate hip-hop" and I wholeheartedly agree. Signif is an NYC based rapper but born and bred in the Midwest (heeeey). Her flows are smooth and her lyrics are poetic. Nothing short of raw and true hip-hop at it's finest. I look forward to hearing more from her and other dope female artists -- who seriously need to come out of the woodwork. I know you chicas are out there.

Check out Signif's video: Lovely Imperfections

The Transition and Beautifully Flawed are available for free download here.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Video Wednesday #002: Live

"A video could never replace a live show..." I completely agree. I love chillin' with the headphones blasting my eardrums but hip-hop sounds so good when it's spitting right in your face. The beats comin so hard through the speakers that it takes over your heartbeat combined with the vibe of a hip-hop show crowd is almost soul shattering.

The Dear Summer show at US Beer

Reap freestyling at the Goodlife Studio

Our homey from the Bay, BROke the Emcee
opening for Lucky I Am of Living Legends

Chicago native and Hip Hop Icon Common
freestyling at some BlackBerry event
(found through GoWhere Hip Hop)

Monday, January 10, 2011

New Music Monday #002 ft. The AV Club

Jus' Sam: I got something for you for New Music Monday
Marie: Whatcha got? AV Club or Jus Sam?
Jus' Sam: AV, that juke song.

And what a juke song. We're kicking off this week with a new one from AV Club called Hotbox. I don't know whether to spark up or pop that back. If I could do both simultaneously, can I put that on a resume? Anyway, stay tuned for more from DJ Dysfunktion and Jus' Sam's AV Club

Speaking of AV Club, DJ Dysfunktion just posted a new one: This Is avaliable on his SoundCloud:

More new music this week...

Couple Rules: King ft. Rasheed Hadee & Chase Beatz

LP's new mixtape: The Afterset is available for download.
Favorites: Just Begun, Brown Sugar

Ace Da Vinci: The Collection EP is available here.
Favorites: The Girl Who Cried Relationship, So Amazinn
(Shouts to Gowhere Hip Hop. Good lookin, as usual)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Video Wednesday #001: Chi Sh*t

So umm, Happy New Year, everyone! We were going to go on break this week which explains the skipping of New Music Monday (mmhmm). But I just couldn't help posting the first Video Wednesday. If you'd like your own video to be featured on our blog, please e-mail us at Keep in mind, it doesn't necessarily have to be a music video. It could be videos you took of live shows or if you do video logs, we might take some of those too.. etc, etc... you get the point. Enjoy:

The beautiful Miss Isis Rose

And just for extra Chicago love and representation:
Remixes of of Wiz Khalifa's Black & Yellow


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